Biernaam:Engelszell Gregorius
Stamwortgehalte:-º Plato
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Gregorius present itself in a deep dark chestnut color. Notes of chestnut, cashew and honey with sour plum and herbal qualities around the nose. Flavors of chestnut, honeycomb, licorice, mocha, cocoa, raisin, sour cherry, and eucalyptus all contribute to the deep and rich palate. The vinous character of the French-Alsacian wine yeast creates stunning sweet – sour notes on the palate. A touch of vanilla appears late with perhaps a bit of oregano, begging for more exploration. Finish is long, slightly tart, and dry.
Dedication/Origin of Name - Father Dr. Gregor Eisvogel guided the Trappists, who were expelled after World War I from their mother monastery Oelenberg (Alsace, France), to St. Engelszell after a short stopover at monastery Banz, Maintal. Nothing could stop him from making St. Engelszell the new home of his fellow Trappist monks, neither the overambitious purchase price nor the poor structural condition of the cathedral. His trust in God was simply unshakeable. Against all odds Father Gregor Eisvogel received approval to purchase St. Engelszell. On December 3, 1931 he was elected to become the first abbot of the Trappist Monastery St. Engelszell. His unbridled enthusiasm, dedication, determination, and above all his faith in God were highly instrumental in reviving the monastery along the river Danube to a new pulsating life.
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